Norris Lake Weather

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Norris Lake WeatherNorris Lake is located in the northeastern region of Tennessee. It’s a popular destination for rest and relaxation. Many people who live in the region flock to Norris Lake every year. The attractive lake is especially well-known among residents of Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio. It isn’t uncommon for people to travel to Norris Lake from as far away as Florida and Wisconsin either, however. Summers in the area can get pretty chaotic. While summer is the peak tourist season, the spring and autumn months also welcome many enthusiastic visitors.

If you enjoy boating, looking at wildlife and gazing at picturesque waterfalls, mountains and rugged cliffs, then you might appreciate a trip to the area. Other exciting and diverse recreational activities that are available at Norris Lake include jet skiing, water skiing, camping and fishing, hiking, swimming and golfing.

Norris Lake Weather – Seasons Change

As part of Tennessee, Norris Lake weather typically has a moderate climate. The seasons change very noticeably. Winter doesn’t feel the same as spring, for example. Tennessee winters are generally on the mild side. Since Norris Lake weather is in the northeastern region of the state, it tends to receive a bit more winter snow than other parts. Autumns tend to be pretty dry.

Norris Lake Boat RentalsIf you’re looking to visit Norris Lake, then you might want to keep the summer months in mind. The summer months, weather-wise, are generally ideal for trips to Norris Lake. If want to experience warm summertime temperatures, Norris Lake is the place to go. If you’re in Norris Lake for the summertime, expect for the temperature to hover around 80 degrees. Whether you’re there in June or you’re there in August, the Norris Lake weather is typically warm and comfortable. Note, however, that rain frequently occurs in the summer, too. You might even experience some thunderstorms.

Norris lake weatherPeople who don’t cope well with muggy and sticky weather might not enjoy visiting Norris Lake as much as others. As with the rest of Tennessee, Norris Lake can get notably humid. Humidity is particularly high in the summertime. Prepare to sweat a little, whether you like it or not.

Spring in Norris Lake generally begins in January and ends in May. At the end of the spring, you might experience some of the aforementioned thunderstorms, too. As far as average temperatures go, Norris Lake usually is approximately 60 degrees.

Overall, the Norris Lake weather is fairly typical for a mountainous, southern state. Many will find it to be quite pleasurable.