Norris Lake Restaurants

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Both local residents and visitors alike have discovered that Norris Lake restaurants offer an incredibly relaxing (and delicious) experience! There is plenty of variety that people can experience when visiting the area. These Norris Lake restaurants are frequently family-owned, which will add to the overall experience that patrons will enjoy.

Norris Lake RestaurantsA few Norris Lake restaurants

Hickory Star Marina is a dockside restaurant serving up some of the freshest meals in the area. Customers will enjoy a wide array of home recipes and delicious American fare. The friendly staff will make sure that they are catering to the needs of everyone who stops in to eat. Many local residents have already made this one of their favorite spots to regularly stop in for a bite to eat.

Norris Landing Marina is also known as Jimmy’s Place among the local residents. Customers will appreciate the fact that many craft beers and ales are regularly available. This Norris Lake restaurants may be best known for having a full selection of steaks and ribs, as well as many other traditional menu choices. Pool and darts are available for guests to enjoy.

The Sequoyah Marina has helped people adapt to a few unique dishes available, adding to the overall experience that many people can get. Many customers appreciate the chance to review the menu and enjoy the options that they can get. This Norris Lake restaurants is perhaps best known for its expansive selection of wings. Parties and weddings can be hosted here.

Dockside Bar and Grille offers a full range of beers and drinks to suit anyone’s taste! They offer typical American dishes, and have recently started offering breakfast.

Don’t leave Norris Lake without visiting Bubba Brew’s Sports Pub and Grill. Them gem of a Norris Lake restaurants can be found at Beach Island Resort and Marina, near the historical Highway 33 Bridge. You can sample his brand of down home hospitality and great food. You won’t miss a minute of your favorite sporting event with large TV’s  inside and out. Call ahead for large groups or events.

Don’t forget to enjoy other activities while visiting Norris LakeShopping, golfing, fishing, boating – so much to do and so little time!


  1. Chris Dunavent
    April 23, 2014

    Looks tasty!

  2. Best SOG Knives
    April 23, 2014

    Bubba’s Brew Pub can get jammed packed on holidays! We like to go there during the middle of the week when things seem to be less hectic.

  3. Emma S
    July 2, 2014

    The descriptions of these restaurants is really helpful thank you. My husband and I already have our vacation booked at Norris lake for next summer and I was looking for information on where to eat and drink around there. I want my break well planned, so I am starting early.
    I am glad to hear there is a lively bar to enjoy when I get there!

  4. Fiona
    July 2, 2014

    Bubba’s Brew Pub is superb, I loved the atmosphere in there but as another reader posted, it can get a bit manic in there holiday season. I like that about the place though. I have a peaceful and relaxing day and then I go and have fun later on in the evening, such a great mix.

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