Norris Lake Fishing

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Norris Lake FishingNorris Lake, Tennessee is a beautiful area that hosts thousands of visitors each and every year. It has lovely rolling hills and amazingly clear waters. It is a rare find and offers visitors swimming, boating, hiking, fishing and much more. It is a beautiful, picturesque venue for people of all ages.

If you love fishing, Norris Lake is the perfect spot for you to enjoy. It has plenty of private, hidden coves along the shore line that are perfect for a fishing excursion. Be sure to visit one of the many local bait shops before you go so that you have plenty of supplies while you are fishing.

Catch of the Day – Norris Lake Fishing

So what can you catch when you are Norris Lake fishing? First of all, you can find several different species of bass at this lake. Check for largemouth bass in shallow water near the shore – particularly in the larger coves. Smallmouth bass can be found in this lake also. They move from white gravel areas to boulders throughout the day. The spotted bass is also found in Norris Lake. They are typically found in large creek hollows and on the rocky shoreline. The striped bass in another fish you will find when Norris Lake fishing. They typically move upstream (seasonally) and can be found in the head of the larger creeks and the arms of the river. Additionally, you can find rock bass, white bass, and black bass when Norris Lake fishing.

Norris Lake FishingSome other fish that are abundant in Norris Lake are the bluegill and he crappie. Crappie are typically found upstream in the headwaters of the river and the lower end of creek hollows. Keep your eyes open for some of these other species at Norris Lake as well: walleye, rainbow trout, blue catfish, sunfish, flathead catfish, lake trout, carp, bullhead, muskie, brown trout, sauger, warmouth, channel catfish, and green sunfish.