About Norris Lake

About Norris LakeTennessee’s rolling lands are home to the blue, sparkling waters of Norris Lake. It’s the perfect place to take the entire family for summer enjoyment and a some fun on the water! The following article will help to provide you with more information about Norris Lake.

There are many types of Norris Lake rentals – you can rent a boat or Jet Ski at the dock or marina, or you can bring your own. In fact there are Norris Lake rentals for pretty much every kind of water sport you can think of. From water tubes to Jet Skis, fishing boats, floating lake homes and pontoons, as well as wake boards for the kids. There are also several cabins for rent around the area.

About Norris Lake Camping

Aside from the water sports and other Norris Lake rentals, there are many camping opportunities in this vast and wonderful wilderness, with many woodland cabins available for individuals or families. There are also many tent sites for the more adventurous whom love nothing more than a long and hearty trek into the mountains, throwing up their own tent and sleeping underneath the stars. These sites are typically outfitted with fire pits and grills  so that you can cook meals at your leisure as you soak up the sun or a enjoy a BBQ before a ride on the boat or hike through the woods.

There are numerous country trails and parks to hike and explore, as well as a recreation center with racket sports and a park for the children. One of the most popular historical attractions is the Norris Dam and Norris Dam State Park’s Museum.

Hungry? No problem! Check out some of the delicious restaurants that await you nearby!

And good news for all you animal lovers…pets are welcome at Norris Lake rentals! Just remember to bring a leash!

About Norris LakeAbout Norris Lake Fishing

Norris Lake is also a coveted fishing lake. Some of the most popular species of fish in the lake are Crappie, Large-mouth Bass, Small-mouth Bass, Walleye, Striped Bass and Spotted Bass. Spring and summer bring the most fishermen and it’s by far the best time to let your line fly, with some of the more popular fishing spots being Davis Creek and Big Creek. as well as the fantastic and Crappie-filled Big Sycamore Creek. Anglers have also reported great fishing at the Powell and Clinch Rivers.

Given the expansive nature of the area and the beauty of landscape, there is no shortage of properties for sale. So, it’s something to consider if you’ve always dreamed of moving to a lakeside country home!

Finally, there are several Norris Lake rentals around the lake where you can enjoy a horse ride… so if your are an animal lover (or more specifically, a horse lover) or you just wanted to get around the rolling green hills more easily without getting tired, then there’s a place for that. Regardless of your level of experience riding horses, there are several professional trainers working around the lake to help you out.