Norris Lake Rentals | Norris, Tennessee

Norris Lake Rentals features a wide selection of vacation homes in and around the Norris, TN area. We feature an interactive search engine that allows you to filter properties based on your family’s needs. Search on the number of bedrooms, bathroom, location, property type, and amenities offered. We also provide a wealth of useful information about the area, making us your one-stop-shop for everything Norris Lake!

norris lake rentals

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Vacation Rentals

Book a Norris Lake Rentals home, waterfront property, or cabin – with comfort and amenities that you won’t find in any hotel room. Check out all of the area’s vacation rentals for your next lakefront vacation at Norris Lake, Tennessee. Don’t forget that you can filter your search on amenities, location, etc.

Book a Tee Time

Everyone loves spending time on the water…but Norris Lake offers moreWoodlake Golf Club is one of the the best-kept golfing secrets in the South. Located near 34,000-acre Norris Lake, Woodlake is a Par 72, championship-grade course named “one of America’s best new courses” by Golf Digest in 2000.


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Fun on the Water

Whether it’s boating, skiing, fishing, or cruising around on  a Jet Ski…Norris Lake offers it all! The lake offers a wide variety of water sports – something for everyone! Norris Lake is more than 800 miles of spectacular blue crystal clear water with reflections of the Cumberland Mountains!


Both local residents and visitors alike have discovered that Norris Lake restaurants offer an incredibly relaxing (and delicious) experience! There is plenty of variety that people can experience when visiting the area. Many Norris Lake restaurants are family-owned, which will add to the overall experience!


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Nearby Hotels

Not everyone needs (or wants) a full-sized vacation home on the water. That’s OK! There are plenty of area hotels to suit just about anyone’s needs! Many offer free breakfast, Wi-Fi Internet access, and indoor/outdoor swimming pools. Plus, you want have to worry about making your own bed! Click here for Norris Lake hotels.


Norris Lake, Tennessee features many great crafts and shops both in and around the lake. The Community Craft Center features many different local craftsmen for tourists and residents. Started in 1970, they teach, produce, and sell handmade crafts like quilts, pottery, baskets, wood carving, and folk art.


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[nimbus_quote attribution=”Chris Mantle”] Norris Lake is beautiful, clean and inviting for all water sports. There are over 800 miles of shoreline and the lake is never so busy that you can’t enjoy it all. Our family rents a vacation home every year through Norris Lake Rentals, and we could not be happier![/nimbus_quote]