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Norris Lake Rentals features a wide selection of vacation homes in and around the Norris, TN area. We feature an interactive search engine which allows you to filter properties based on your family’s needs. Search on number of bedrooms, bathroom, location, property type, and amenities offered. We also provide a wealth of useful information about the area, making us your one-stop shop for everything Norris Lake!

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Vacation Rentals

Book a Norris Lake Rentals home, waterfront property, or cabin – with comfort and amenities that you won’t find in any hotel room. Check out all of the area’s vacation rentals for your next lakefront vacation at Norris Lake, Tennessee. Don’t forget that you can filter your search on amenities, location, etc.

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Everyone loves spending time on the water…but Norris Lake offers moreWoodlake Golf Club is one of the the best-kept golfing secrets in the South. Located near 34,000-acre Norris Lake, Woodlake is a Par 72, championship-grade course named “one of America’s best new courses” by Golf Digest in 2000.

Fun on the Water

Whether it’s boating, skiing, fishing, or cruising around on  a Jet Ski…Norris Lake offers it all! The lake offers a wide variety of water sports – something for everyone! Norris Lake is more than 800 miles of spectacular blue crystal clear water with reflections of the Cumberland Mountains!


Both local residents and visitors alike have discovered that Norris Lake restaurants offer an incredibly relaxing (and delicious) experience! There is plenty of variety that people can experience when visiting the area. Many Norris Lake restaurants are family-owned, which will add to the overall experience!

Nearby Hotels

Not everyone needs (or wants) a full-sized vacation home on the water. That’s OK! There are plenty of area hotels to suit just about anyone’s needs! Many offer free breakfast, Wi-Fi Internet access, and indoor/outdoor swimming pools. Plus, you want have to worry about making your own bed! Click here for Norris Lake hotels.


Norris Lake, Tennessee features many great crafts and shops both in and around the lake. The Community Craft Center features many different local craftsmen for tourists and residents. Started in 1970, they teach, produce, and sell handmade crafts like quilts, pottery, baskets, wood carving, and folk art.

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Norris Lake is beautiful, clean and inviting for all water sports. There are over 800 miles of shoreline and the lake is never so busy that you can’t enjoy it all. Our family rents a vacation home every year through Norris Lake Rentals, and we could not be happier!

~ Chris Mantle

Stardust Marina Norris Lake

Stardust Marina Norris Lake

By on July 27, 2016

Stardust Marina Norris LakeThe Stardust Marina Norris Lake is a recreational paradise found directly on Norris Lake in Andersonville, TN. The Marina has everything a person can ask for when planning a day by the lake. Boat slips and boat rentals, restaurants, souvenir shops, live entertainment and spectacular views are just a few of the attractions that have made the Stardust Marina highly popular among Tennessee residents and those from surrounding states.

Food and Entertainment

The Harbor Grill at Stardust Marina provides delicious fare in a lakeside dining environment, with indoor and outdoor seating. Friendly servers make sure that each diner has an unforgettable experience. On Saturday and Sunday, made-to-order breakfasts are available to all guests, who can design their own omelets. Or, simply enjoy coffee and a pastry while watching the sun come up. On weekends and holidays, live music is always available. A souvenir shop is located adjacent to the restaurant for those who want to take home a memento of their time at Norris Lake.

Stardust Marina Norris Lake

Norris Lake Boat Rentals

From luxury cabins overlooking the lake to budget rentals and RV hookups, the Marina has something for everyone. Those who prefer luxury accommodations that feature private boat ramps and a view of the lake will quickly discover that there is a broad range of options from which to choose. However, visitors who are content with a studio unit that is close to all attractions will also find the perfect rental awaits. Because of the diversity of choices, the Marina has become popular with vacationers of all ages and from all walks of life. Additionally, group rates are available for those who are traveling to celebrate a family reunion, wedding or other life event.

Norris Lake Boat Slips

The full service Marina provides fishing supplies, rental boats, covered boat slips, and a restaurant and marina store. Launch ramps are available as well for those who choose to bring their own boat. Prices are reasonable for all services and experienced staff members are always on hand to answer patrons’ questions.

The Interesting History of Norris Lake

The Norris Dam was the first hydroelectric project of the Tennessee Valley. It is located in Campbell County on Anderson’s Clinch River and is a great place to visit when spending time at Norris Lake. The Dam was originally constructed to help combat the relentless flooding that often overtook the Tennessee Valley. Originally called the “Cove Creek Site,” the Dam was later named in honor of then-Nebraskan Senator, George Norris. Mr. Norris led major efforts to stop the flood damage in the Tennessee Valley. The creation of the Norris Dam played a vital role in keeping the Tennessee River navigable throughout the year.

It is always wise to make advance reservations when visiting the Stardust Marina Norris Lake. This ensures a better chance of securing one’s preferred dates. Regardless of the type of getaway a person is planning, everyone will be pleased after visiting the beautiful Stardust Marina.

Deerfield Resort Norris Lake

Deerfield Resort Norris Lake

By on July 26, 2016

Deerfield Resort Norris Lake is the perfect location to experience plenty of adventure and relax in a tranquil setting while surrounded by the natural beauty of the Cumberland Mountains and the Great Smokey Mountains. As one of the largest TVA

mill creek loop

TVA Opens Mill Creek Loop at Norris Lake’s Loyston Point

By on March 29, 2016

The Tennessee Valley Authority recently opened a new loop trail, Mill Creek Loop, at Loyston Point Recreation Area, which is located on Norris Lake in Andersonville, Tenn. With the addition of this loop, hikers and mountain bikers now have the

Norris Lake Boat Rentals

Norris Lake Boat Rentals

By on April 27, 2015

If you’re planning a visit to picturesque Norris Lake, Tennessee, then gaining some advance knowledge in Norris Lake boat rentals can be extremely helpful. The scenic tourist destination is a hub for many recreational activities, from camping, boating, canoeing and

Norris Lake Cabin

Norris Lake Cabin Rentals

By on April 23, 2015

One of Tennessee’s best kept secrets is the vacation rentals around Lake Norris.  Specifically, Norris Lake Cabin Rentals will provide serenity no matter what rental you choose to stay in. There are so many different places to stay at around Lake Norris.